Suitable browsers for UIS

This page displays a list and a concise description of the most commonly used browsers which enable you to access the UIS. The recommended minimum version of the browser is given in brackets.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) is currently the most frequently used Internet browser. It is integrated into the Windows OS and offers all the functions required by a common user, including protection and access rules setting, panel view, etc.
  • It is able to faultlessly load a page where errors are occurring in the HTML code; it is widely supported and free of charge.
  • Older versions of MSIE (lower than 7.0) which contain security errors will not probably allow you to register.

Firefox (version 36)
  • An excellent browser from the Mozilla developers. It operates on all platforms and among others it can block spyware and pop out windows. Panel viewing is taken for granted. Firefox can easily be adjusted by means of using extension for appearance as well as functions.
  • Firefox is free of charge.
  • This browser is used and recommended by the developers of this information system.

Google Chrome (version 41)
  • Google Chrome is a simple and safe web browser created for modern web environment.
  • It combines minimalist design with sophisticated technologies and allows faster, easier and safer use of Internet.
  • It offers wide possibilities of personalization and a large number of accessories. Panel display is commonplace.
  • Google Chrome is free.

Opera (version 28)
  • Opera is an alternative browser which is esteemed for its high speed, small size, support of HTML and XML standards, and support of majority of net and security protocols. It provides integrated search, tabbed browsing in Windows OS and integrated mail. It also operates on other platforms different from Windows OS.
  • Opera is free of charge.

Safari (version 7)
  • Safari is an Internet browser originally intended only for Apple computers with Mac OS.
  • It allows viewing web pages in tabs, blocking pop-up windows; it contains RSS reader and many others.

  • Konqueror is a native browser of KDE desktop environment. It supports majority of standards and security protocols. The new version comprises tabbed browsing.
  • This browser is free of charge and is included within the standard KDE distribution.